So nubby was back for his shrinkage session , if you haven’t read the posts on the old blog – we have been shrinking his maggot even further with anusol cream

The plan being eventually his partner – who already only has sex with him very occasionally, will leave him and then he can become a full time faggot .

So he emailed Me with the news he had found a used condom still full of spunk in their bathroom bin . It obviously wasn’t his – so the plan is working ! His partner has had sex with another man in their bed ! I immediately ordered nubby to carefully tie a knot in the top of the condom and freeze it until our session .I also instructed he must steal a pair of her dirty knickers and bring with him too

Session :

Nubby comes looking very sheepish with a little carrier bag. I tell him to strip off and show Me what he’s got ! I love making nubby feel demoralised as a man , the look of hopelessness on his face is really pleasing to a Super Bitch such as Myself

I wrap this “kingsize” condom which is FULL of spunk around the side of his glasses – so he can always see it out of the corner of his eye – his wife’s lovers spunk  whilst I verbally crucify him (obviously)

The only Worship I will allow nubby to do is heel worship , I mean he HAS got a full used condom hanging from his glasses !

I then decide to dress him (ridiculously)

And force him to watch sissy hypno videos on the loop whilst in bondage repeating “oh my god , I love dick”

I force feed him his OWN piss out of a glass , at this particular session Mistresses champagne is too good for him !

Then upstairs …… 

For the Finale :

A carrot up his ass , torture with candle wax for arriving 5 minutes late

Then the shrinkage of his nub continues ,smear on the anusol cream – as you can see I don’t hold back

Then obviously that used condom wasn’t purely for decoration !!!


Doesn’t really get much more degrading than that !