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I originally came across Mistress Real a couple of years ago online and was immediately smitten with Her. After watching some of Her videos i finally asked Her for a custom clip. She obliged and it was absolutely awesome. I knew I had to meet Her and try to act out my fantasy. However, due to personal circumstances this wasn’t to happen for about 2 years! I never stopped thinking about it and a couple of weeks ago i was finally in a position to request a session. This took place this afternoon.

I have to admit to being a bit sceptical about whether reality could possibly live up to the fantasy that i had been playing out in my head since getting the custom clip. My scenario centred around me visiting Mistress Real, to do some odd jobs, not knowing she was a dominatrix. She would then proceed to tell me that she had decided to make me her slave and then go on to break me down till i was begging to be such.

Being a big bloke who is used to being in charge in most parts of my life i was, as i said, unsure as to how i would react in trying to play out this fantasy. I needn’t have worried. From the start Mistress took charge and i quickly found myself naked and kneeling at her feet with a collar and lead on. Not quite sure how that happened as I had intended to play the ‘you won’t be able to enslave me’ role for at least half the session!

Anyway, long story short, by the end of the session through a mixture of stern instruction and gentle coercion (there was a part where she put my head on her lap, stroked my hair and explained the benefits of being a slave in Her stable that blew my mind), i was put in my place.

If anyone had told me about an hour earlier that i would be kneeling before a woman that i now completely, and truthfully, think of as my Mistress and owner, having had my cherry taken,sucking Her cock and spending an indescribable time worshipping at the Real Alter, gladly proclaiming that i would indeed eat my own cum fed to me by my Mistress  lovely hand, i would of thought they were mental. However that is exactly what happened.    All in all, after a 400 mile round trip, with plenty of time on the journey home to re enact and to actually, truly, miss the feeling of being bent over Her bench and broken as Her bitch, i would have to report that not only did the reality live up to the fantasy, it totally surpassed it in every way. i will certainly be back to serve, if Mistress Real will have me.