Nothern Ireland for an hour with Mistress in her stable , and for Mistress to pop her virginal cherry

Now , I am aware that My new blog is starting to look like sissy slut corner , and for those reading

……. I practise ALL  the arts of BDSM and FemDom apart from Scat (yuk) and other taboo fetishes

But I think that sissy sluts are the ones that love being photographed the most

And this is because : 1) they are totally made up and more or less unrecognisable 2) sissy sluts are naturally flirtatious and looking for people to tell them how fabulous they look as a woman 3) for some (not all) the humiliation of being exposed to the world as a cock sucking sissy faggot is a wonderful turn on

So here is My brand new virginal sissy school girl Slut (I thought the school girl theme was appropriate for cherry popping)

My Irish slut is now R’eally hooked ( no surprise there )