So I shall be away for the second 2 weeks of April , starting on the 14th

And My little piggies should be buying My cocktails , paying restaurant bills , nights out in clubs , day trips etc etc

Yes ! Whilst you are working hard  I will be sunning Myself and naturally ,being the generous devotees that I know I have ,you will want to contribute . Your job is to serve and to make Mistresses life happy

Also I know you will all miss Me whilst I’m away

So here are My bank details :

09 01 26.  65274421

Ref : holiday

Although most of My piggies already have My bank details etched into their brains !

Every time somebody contributes , I will post a pic onto twitter of Me enjoying Myself at your expense . If you don’t have twitter , email Me I will send it to you
to show you how happy I am , having fun in the sun . I know you all like to make Mistress happy

I shall be checking My bank online everyday

Be part of the R’eal world even when I’m 1000’s of miles away