My cold hard sadism will never diminish 

One of My long serving corporal punishment deservees was sent a summons to the high court 

To see Myself Judge R’eal and My distinguished Usher Miss Deelight for a double correctional punishment with both the Reformatory cane and the Junior Dragon cane 

No pleasantries on entrance to the Court 

Just formalities , stripped , Corporally caned and out 

Then the write up from the miscreant 12 hours later 

The Judicial court order  he talks about is the NEXT session, it is signed off by the 3 of us , NO  “get out” clause 

As you can see from the last sentence of his email he felt safe to add his usual disrespectful cheek ! This , I might add when he is nearly  100 miles away 

And one of the many reasons I have been caning him for over 12 years 

Arrogance has been noted .