I thought I’d share My views on Cum Eating Instruction fetish and although feeding slaves their own cum as a humiliation or as slut training is not new, since the increase of online cam sessions and in My case the increase in the sale of customised clips CEI is proving ever more popular

What does the slave get from being ordered to eat his own cum?

Total degradation, humiliation , he gets to finally know what it’s like for a woman when she gives head and swallows – and let’s be honest you men are very curious creatures when it comes to women and sex

There’s the sissy Slut / Forced bi element – the slave may have been having fantasies about sucking cocks and swallowing cum but is not ready or has no desire to interact sexually with another man , but in the throes of a hot cam session – eating his own cum is as near to the fantasy as he dare go

Then there is the element of simply doing it because Mistress ordered him to do it – proving devotion , having agreed to it at the beginning of the session he couldn’t possibly let her down now

From My point of view – I enjoy giving CEI for a couple of very straight forward reasons

1) I’m a limit pusher – I like to push a slave as far as he can go . I actually LOVE to see the disgust on his face (especially first timers)

2) The fact that the slave has to do this after he has cum ….  as we all know …. Mistress’ and slaves alike – when the slave has cum his fetish / fantasy automatically disappears as quick as the spunk shot out of his cock , and goes back into “normal man” mode . So for him to still follow through with the Order after the fact , I know is difficult  (for most ) .

I like the Power of this , the control

After all I am a Power freak !

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Custom Clips & Videos

I also do a lot of Forced cum eating in real time sessions . You will be in bondage and I will administer it . This is more extreme as obviously you are not in control of the “swallowing it all” as you are on cam or with a CEI custom clip

Just My views on an ever increasingly popular fetish