Yes , Mistress is back this week in charge of the R’eal stable , relaxed and refreshed after 11 days in the sun 

A big thankyou to all of you who donated to the R’eal cocktail fund , I really do get enjoyment in spending your money frivolously whilst knowing you are back in the U.K. Working hard 

All My longtime serving devotees are booked in this week , desperate for their R’eal fix . And Mistress is back ready to Dominate and Control ! 

The week starting the 8th May I will be having another week away from sessions as I have a minor surgery – nothing to worry about , purely cosmetic 💅🏻

So then sessions will again resume the week after . 

I will also start taking more orders for custom clips starting from the 20th May

I shall also be on direct cam this week at different points between sessions , check out My twitter to see when you can catch Me online