So this sissy faggot had his first ever visit to the R’eal stable and admitted he was a huge fan over many years and also admitted he was quite star struck . Who can blame him?

We started off with some forced sissification humiliation , although as you can see there really wasn’t much need for force ! 

The best part of the session was the cigarette cock torture with sissy tied to the bondage bed 

It was so intense and deeply surprising that I wasn’t really in the mindset to stop to take pics 

The surprise for both of us was how much sissy LOVED his pathetic maggot being tortured with the lit cigarette 

I took My time and slowly rolled the lit end up and down the shaft barely touching but close enough to feel the heat 

Then slowly got crueler and crueler by putting the lit cigarette onto the shaft and the head of the maggot . Instead of crying out in pain , sissy was crying out in ecstasy “oh yes , yes , yes !” He actually had to get Me to stop several times for fear of cumming too soon . This torturous pleasure went on for 20 minutes only having to stop to let sissies excitement calm down 

Edging with a lit cigarette ……. 

He finally was tipped over the edge when I put My face down close to his maggot and took a long hard drag on the cigarette lighting up the end right on his bell end 

The spunk explosion was like a volcano erupting !

As we chatted afterwards , sissy told Me he had been searching for clips of cigarette torture on the cock and could not find any online anywhere , on the balls yes , but none actually done in a teasing seductive way on the cock ……. so next time we will be filming for My clips for sale store for sure !

Next pink sissy session blog post  (sissy dolly lou lou) will be posted tomorrow